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Witness Me & Rhulk - Soft and Hard Enamel Pins

Witness Me & Rhulk - Soft and Hard Enamel Pins

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"I stand before a being with a thousand names. It whispers one: The Witness. Remember it. Remember that name." - Savathûn The Witness comes.. will you be ready? The next in the Destiny series of pins - featuring The Witness in a stained glass stylized cutout, specs planned for a soft enamel, and true black metal with two pin post backing. As always - updates, progress and content pieces will be posted as they are received, and updates with my manufacturer will be posted as they come in. Cheers Freakywinkles! Eyes Up! _______________________________ The Witness Pin Set: ° 2" Hard Enamel Witness Pin. ° Stickers of the original design, bonus goodies and vinyls in order; Preorder backers always get extra goodies! _______________________________
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