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The Sentinel - Titans Class Replica Shield

The Sentinel - Titans Class Replica Shield

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"Valiant heart, unwavering resolve. I am a wall. And walls don't move. Because walls don't care." To the Titans that never waver - we salute you. _______________________________ Custom Aged Sentinel Shield: ° 4.75" Epoxy Resin - Ombre blended Void Shades of Violet ° Iron Display Stand Included ° Stickers Included in Orders _______________________________ !!PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING!! These are a Pre-Order, purchasing will lock in your selection for production organizing. 10 of these will be available as certain supplies are currently limited. First come first served basis. These are all being made to order from casting, de-molding, sand/finish polishing and wrapping for packaging. PLEASE BE PATIENT! Updates and order statuses will go out as they are in production; for added up to date info please add your Twitter handle if applicable and I can send DM updates; tracking numbers do go out via here and email upon shipping days. Cheers Freakywinkles! Thank you for the support!
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