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Bladedancers - Resin Kunai Props

Bladedancers - Resin Kunai Props

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Custom Designed Resin Prop Throwing Knife

Single and 2-Pack Options available.

° 7.5" Epoxy Resin - Super Lightweight, featuring different options; all the subclass options are gadually being added. (Ombre Faded 'solar', Stasis Ice.)
° Embedded sigil Insignia.
° Silk Wrap Grip.
° Stickers included in every order.
° Comes packaged in it's own custom box.



These are all being made to order from casting, de-molding, sand/finish polishing and wrapping for packaging. PLEASE BE PATIENT! The gradients take a bit of time to work with and get the Solar effect.

 Updates and order statuses will go out as they are in production; for added up to date info please add your Twitter or Instagram handle if applicable and I can send DM updates; tracking numbers do go out via here and email upon shipping days.

Cheers Freakywinkles! Thank you for the support!

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