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Hunter Kunai Knives 6"

Hunter Kunai Knives 6"

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"It's all about where you belong. Warlocks have their libraries. Titans have their walls. Hunters belong in the wilds. And there ain't nobody as wild as a Hunter with a fistful of void."

Embrace the Wild - the stars die out and the embers of the fire wither and fade, but out here, we live by the blade. From one Hunter to the next - I say to you my Wild Brothers and Sisters - raise them high, and take back the night!


Custom Hunter Kunai Knives:

° 6" Epoxy Resin - Super Lightweight, Ombre Fade (selection options below)

° Embedded Hunter Insignia

° Hemp Wrap Grip

° Swivel Alligator Keychain Clip


!!PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING!! These are made to order - purchasing will lock in your selection for production organizing (single Kunai, or Vanguard Pack of 3 - featuring Solar Orange, Arc/Stasis Blue, and Void Violet); additionally, a Hive-themed ombre of black and green called The Dredgen Path is available with the Glyph "Haste" sunken into the handle. These are all being made to order from casting, de-molding, sand/finish polishing and wrapping for packaging. PLEASE BE PATIENT! Updates and order statuses will go out as they are in production; for added up to date info please add your Twitter handle if applicable and I can send DM updates; tracking numbers do go out via here and email upon shipping days.

EU/UK ORDERS: Please check my Etsy for VAT capable listings.

Cheers Freakywinkles! Thank you for the support!

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