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Headhunter Satchel — Dredgen Hunter Galaxy Coins

Headhunter Satchel — Dredgen Hunter Galaxy Coins

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"My name is Shin Malphur. My name is Zyre Orsa. My name is Dredgen Vale. And all who fall to Darkness will answer to my steel....I have built the perfect trap with which to cull the weak-willed. And it is working. - S."


The Headhunter pack - stack them high and make them watching their back when the invader arrives. Better you, than the Shadows themselves... there is no escape then.


Revised Set! These are more streamline cast, with subclass galaxy splattered hand painting. If you would like a specific coin to be colored let me know at checkout!


Comes with:

· 3 - Cast Resin Class Coins- set of Hunter, Warlock and Titan.

· 1 - Cast Resin Aged Relic Jade Coin Keychain.

· 1 - Cast Resin 'Taken' Gambit Coin.

· Comes in Drawstring Satchel.

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