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Death Moth - Hive Candle - Pre-Order

Death Moth - Hive Candle - Pre-Order

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"SAVATHÛN said, drink of the poisons of the worm, so that you might feed on death, and we did feed." — Books of Sorrow - XX: Hive Verse 3:0




Been meaning to come back to this idea for a while now. How to capture bits of the lore in a scent. Scent and memory are so intertwined so piecing parts of the story from the Fundament to the development of the Hive itself.. what would it be like? Death Moth - a mix of hints of petrichor and earth, patchouli, moss and harvest with the spice of white camphor. They are 8oz candles, with resin dip, 'chitin' bits of black sea glass accented lid and the iconic semblance of the death moths that frequent much of the Hive locations.

These would be a Pre-Order item, as per usual, handmade on the resin and accent and hand pouring each

Comes with:

· 8oz tin with Hand-Cast Resin lid accents.

· Bonus Hive-themed Stickers set. Hive thrall not included (as cute as he is.)

••UK/EU ORDERS•• Please message me and I can create an Etsy listing to accommodate VAT changes for shipping!

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