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The Queen's Guard - Herald Banner

The Queen's Guard - Herald Banner

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"Your Traveler terraformed your planets. But the Awoken terraformed the Dreaming City. It is our creation. It is a reflection of our people - not a false gift from a skittish god." 


Custom Driftwood Class Wall Banners

° 6.5x18" Driftwood Wall Panel - Hand painted and decaled with the Queen's Guard of the Reef symbol, a tribute to the Awoken and Dreaming City aesthetics in ombre fade. Top seal gloss coating.

° Twine hanger or Sawtooth options ready to display.

° Bonus Stickers and goodies Included in Orders.


!!PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING!! These are made to order, each hand painted and take time to cure before shipping. Cheers Freakywinkles! Thank you for the support!

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