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Shadowbox Resin Crest Heralds 2.0

Shadowbox Resin Crest Heralds 2.0

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Custom Shadowbox Resin Class Wall Banners

° 5x17" Shadowbox Resin Wall Herald - Hand painted and decaled with choice of Hunter (Blue), Warlock (Golden Yellow) or Titan (Red) with crest. Top seal gloss reesin. Custom colors can be done of preference to subclass as well for the nebula spaces; please let me know at checkout in the note field if you want a color different from the default.

° Sawtooth option ready to display.
° Bonus Stickers and goodies Included in Orders.

°°°° Deluxe Banner Option °°°°


Future plans are in the works of having a dimensional inlay like the Crota's End piece featured at GCX - in this case would be a Dawnblade, Hammer of Sol, or a Hunter Knife embedded in the resin as a dimensional effect piece in place of the class crests. More details soon!



These are all being made to order to ensure quality and detail is correct on them and safe for shipping. Resin needs time to set correctly to a hard finish, and given this rash of hotter weather is very temperamental to set, please be patient as I try to work around these minor inconveniences to make sure your piece is finished and arrives safely.

PLEASE BE PATIENT! Updates and order statuses will go out as they are in production; for added up to date info please add your Twitter handle if applicable and I can send DM updates.

Cheers Freakywinkles! Thank you for the support!
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