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Light the Way - Custom Resin Shadowbox

Light the Way - Custom Resin Shadowbox

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"Draw from the Void. Light the way." _______________________________ Custom Resin Shadowbox ° 5" Shadowbox - Matte black and silver or gold edged frame, Resin Recess LED lighting and insignia. ° Sawtooth Back hook and twine hanger options ready to mount. ° Stickers Included in Orders. _______________________________ !!PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING!! I have a commission space of four of these until additional supplies come in, and will be restocked as they become available. First come first served basis. These are all being made to order. They take approximately a day to two from baking/cure and final sealants. Each comes with battery pack of the mounted lighting and easy to change assembly panel on back. ° ° ° FOR CUSTOM ORDERS ° ° ° Please include the following in the note field! Thank you! ° Resin Color and immersions options (IE. Purple resin//Purple hue glitters for Void, Holographic flake for Stasis, etc. I have a ton of immersives and colors to tailor to different effects.) ° Insignia for Vinyl (Class/Subclass/Symbol/Glyph etc) and color choice. I have a multitude of colors and holographics available and can be tailored to match. ° Silver or Gold leaf edging for frame. PLEASE BE PATIENT! Updates and order statuses will go out as they are in production; for added up to date info please add your Twitter handle if applicable and I can send DM updates. Cheers Freakywinkles! Thank you for the support!
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