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King of Kings - Oryx Dawning Ornament - 2023

King of Kings - Oryx Dawning Ornament - 2023

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Eva welcomes troubled Guardians into her home all the time, but especially at this time of year. She sees some that relax into the spirit of the holiday, like it's a well-fitting glove. They dance. They sing. They play games and give gifts and laugh. She doesn't need to worry about them. Even with all their burdens, they can find time to relax and celebrate, just for a little while. - Excerpt from Sleepless Flight

2023 Limited Seasonal Release - King of Kings Oryx ornaments. These will be available for a short time before they retire into the Vault until next year.

· (1) Single Ornament or (2) Set.

· Stickers in orders!

••VAT FOR UK/EU ORDERS•• Please message me and I can create an Etsy listing to accommodate VAT changes for shipping!

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