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Commission - The Iron Age - Iron Lords Axe Plaque

Commission - The Iron Age - Iron Lords Axe Plaque

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I've had multiple requests about commission spacing on the Iron Axe plaque. In order to keep a timely turnaround time-frame on these, these will be open in limited amounts each time. They are first come, first served basis, and will not be held a placement spot due to making sure I'm able to have all necessary supplies on hand being a multi mixed-media piece. The resin effects alone are a several days process that can't be rushed.

This is to commission the plaque - this is a bit more adventurous I've created and I want to assure that each one meets my standards of quality for the price and time put into it. I will supply as always, updates on progress and completion and #wips of the work like all my pieces have.

Commission Slots will open as each set is completed, and details and pricing is below to order one.



Commission - The Iron Age - Iron Lords Axe Plaque

° 14x6" Planed Wood Wall Plaque - Hand painted, weathered and faux patina featuring a stylized wolves crest and the Iron Lords axe. 3D printed elements, engravings and mixed media elements.

° Sawtooth hanger backing for ready to display on wall.

° Assortment of bonus Destiny-themed Stickers and goodies in order.




If you would like one, please contact me via the Contact page, or via Twitter/Instagram to request a spot (if available.) I will create a listing on Etsy in order to facilitate VAT shipping costs. I cannot adjust that on here to make it easier for customs and import taxes - the Etsy platform streamlines this so you are not double charged and has it's own IOSS shipping codes to make this EXPONENTIALLY FASTER than what the base level is here. Orders for these destinations on here will be refunded to handle it as mentioned above.


The issue is (still ad nauseum) ongoing with the shipping issues with most shipping companies, and newer additions to business updates around the globe of customs certifications, some regions for the moment are not available, and of course some latent COVID restrictions are still in place through the USPS with some countries. (I'm working on this to get all updated IOSS passages and the like to said places. Germany I'm sorry you're one of them and I know a few regulars are there. I'll get this resolved as soon as I can to resume shipping there.)

If you're not sure this affects you, please contact me via DM on Twitter/Instagram, or the contact form email on here. I will double-check to see. As of right now the most places I can assuredly ship to with this is the Continental US, Canada, EU/UK (via Etsy listing option for the moment) and a few others. My apologies on this.

Cheers Freakywinkles! Thank you for the support!

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