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Red Keep-sakes

Red Keep-sakes

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"Ghost: Commander, was the Vanguard aware of the Hive's activity on the Moon before the disturbance? Zavala: We've been closely monitoring their progress, but had not yet discovered the purpose of this Scarlet Keep." — A Mysterious Disturbance. Embrace the Darkness.. Comes with: · Hand-Cast Resin Hive Rune Coins. Glow in the dark active sigils. (4) · Taken King Red Permanent Vinyl. · Taken King Vinyl Stickers. (2) · Hive Sigil Drawstring Satchel. · Eat, Sleep, Destiny(ghost), Repeat Sticker. Hive thrall not included (as cute as he is.) ••UK/EU ORDERS•• Please message me and I can create an Etsy listing to accommodate VAT changes for shipping!
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